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Proven to increase mill debarking productivity by reducing fiber waste and bark content.

Machining/fabricating components for many different exploration applications for the mining industry.

We have manufactured components for the oil, gas, and offshore industry for many years.

With our experience in the welding and machining industry, we can manufacture parts for the hydro sector.

We have been machining, fabricating, and manufacturing for many other types of industry sectors.

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Johnson Enterprise provides solutions for the saw milling industry.



Behind Johnson Enterprises' consistent reputation for excellence stands a fully integrated manufacturing facility where precision, accuracy, repeatability, and flexibility are the operating values. Johnson creates and delivers innovative solutions tailored to customers' specific needs, from precision mechanical parts to complex components, discovering new opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs.

Johnson Enterprises is a full-service CNC machining manufacturing facility in Eastern Canada. We do custom machine aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, plastic, and steel following the tolerances and specifications required by the customer. Our Machining / Manufacturing division uses high-speed, programmable equipment to produce parts for various industries. With over 20 years of experience using our CNC Milling and Turning Centers, this division prides itself on delivering the highest quality product to its customers.

We provide custom machining and manufacturing services to Mining, Defense, Aerospace, Food Processing, Forestry, Oil & gas, Heavy construction, peat processing, power generation, and many more.

Johnson Enterprises understands its customer’s needs and is committed to a total quality system that strives to exceed the highest industry standards.


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