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Johnson Enterprises Inc. would not exist without its founding father, Mr. Yvon Johnson, a very ambitious young salesperson. He started the family business in 1985, selling industrial supplies to different manufacturing establishments across the province of New Brunswick. Being a self-taught welder, Mr. Johnson put his experience and abilities to promote his sales tactic towards the company. During numerous visits to these manufacturing industries, he notices a need 

to improve the sawmill debarking process and extend the debarker tips' life.


Eager to offer quality products to the industry, he put his creativity and knowledge to the test and designed a unique debarking tip. In 1994, he and his sons created a new company called Val-d'Amour Fabrication. This company focused more on manufacturing these debarker tips for the sawmill industry. Committed to providing the best products to their customers, they kept looking for different products and solutions. After many different conceptions, they finally came up with a special debarker arm that drastically improved the debarking process, 

many of these arms are currently offered to clients today. 


As life went on, the company continued to grow rapidly. With a well-established manufacturing facility, an experienced workforce, and a great client base, Mr. Johnson's talents noticed a need for the manufacturing industry. Therefore, in 1999, he and his sons decided to expand the manufacturing facility for Johnson Enterprises Inc. This company focused on different industries to offer manufacturing and machining services. 


In 2002, Mr. Johnson merged both companies under Johnson Enterprise Inc. The company expanded its operations by joining all its employees under the same roof and offering our clients better customer service. He always took pride in providing high-quality products and superior customer service. It's with this same attitude that his legacy continues to operate.

Today Johnson Enterprises Inc. offers a wide range of personalized products and services for the forestry and manufacturing industries. By striving for continuous improvements, adapting to new customer requirements, and innovating on new ideas, the company will continue to prosper and meet Mr. Johnson's wishes.


Johnson Enterprises understands its customer’s needs and is committed to a total quality system that strives to exceed the highest industry standards.


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